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2) Implement a consistent structure

So give your writing a confidence boost with these tips for cleaning up your writing. For example:. But if you want to convey an idea or make an argument, remove words that make your readers think of slimy politicians trying to avoid stating something directly.

Maybe it can make a difference. Who wants pasta with more pepper on it than cheese? The road to hell is paved with adverbs.

Oh look, it happened again. Stronger, right? When you catch yourself using one of those words, read the sentence to yourself without it. In other words, write interesting sentences. Instead, try to start with yourself or a subject—or better yet, a verb—to focus on the action and the idea. After all, there are so many interesting writing styles out there. Er, that is, emulate interesting writing styles to keep your prose powerful. But often, shorter sentences are better.

Example B : I sank my teeth into the sweet, soft chocolate bar.

Top 10 Tips for Reducing Word Count in Scientific Documents

It melted in my mouth, a velvety texture. Example A has a word count of 41 and B has a word count of Trim the fat.

How to cut out unnecessary words + FREE ACCESS WORKSHOP COMPETITION!

A lot of sentences can look important at first. Before : During high school, I was very self conscious about my appearance. I worried about how fat I was, even though I was only lbs and 5 foot 3. My hair always poofed out and was never smooth. I compared myself to magazine models a lot, no matter how unrealistic I knew it was. After : During high school, I was very self conscious. I worried about my weight, even though I was only lbs.

My hair always poofed out. I constantly compared myself to magazine models. It has unecessary details like height. In the after, we cut a bit of the content fat, but the main idea is the same and remains just as powerful.

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Some readers reached out to me asking if this trimming was bad because we lost some voice. Fictiony folk: Watch out for pointless or awkward adverbs. Does your plot-twist or point add anything? Essayists and speech writers: Think about your strongest arguments or the points your want to express the most.

How to cut down an essay – tips on trimming it down to size

Instead, see if you can weave in smaller, more relevant bits of other information in with your key argument. For example: Tea has often been a method of communication and social bonding. Since its early days in XXXX, tea has been used across an array of countries to unite people and form new relationships.

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Fictiony folk While we can all enjoy a great plot twist or an added layer to a story, it can take precious attention away from the main conflict. With short stories and flash fiction, these twists can be fatal in eating up precious words and can cause problems with pacing. Ask yourself, what is the point of your story? Concentrate on conflict, resolution and ending and then work out how to get your character from A to B. Alternatively, why not have them be able to immediately locate the source of that odd creaking?

Does your description really matter? Yes, essayists, I mean you too! Essayists: Admittedly, this tip is more for the speakers and the prose-writers but, essayists, you can benefit from this point too. Think about the introduction of your essay. How quickly do you state the point of your writing and what you will hope to express in it?

In any story, whether it be recounting a rather embarrassing night out with the groom or a wicked short story, some description is necessary but how we share descriptions with the reader or listener can make a huge impact.

Words you should delete

Fictiony Folk: If you have a word limit, you have not-too-many words in which to set the scene, describe your character and explain the conflict! It can be difficult, yes, but not impossible. Is it a bang or a grating sound? A giggle or someone shouting?