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And perhaps they are correct. We understand him and empathize with him.

Meanwhile, Dracula sails to England to meet Mina, and, now appearing young and handsome, he assures that the two become lovers. Seward Richard E.

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Yet, scenes between Dracula and Harker in the castle have a certain intimacy. Coppola seems conscious of this connection between blood disease, sexual uncertainty, religious punishment, and the deathly pursuit of someone who has been deemed doomed by God and augments those themes in an indirect, perhaps even unintentional way throughout the film. Miniatures and models render the Carpathian Mountains and Castle Dracula and train sequences, whereas Victorian London is recreated with all the atmospheric detail Coppola could muster into a set piece.

At Borgo Pass, a demonic carriage driver outstretches his arm and grabs Harker from several feet beyond its reach, lifting its passenger into the carriage. When Harker arrives at the castle, Oscar-winning sound effect design delivers whispers and unintelligible screams coming from all around us a top-notch audio system makes home viewings all the more unsettling. In the novel, Lucy is much less sexualised, however is a clear contrast to Mina in her lighthearted behaviour and enjoyment of attention from men.

Both women are shown to be very beautiful with a lack of loyalties for one man.

90+ Subject areas about ‘Dracula’ to Write a Killer Essay or dissertation

The makeup within this production is fantastic, especially for a film made in the s without advanced technical effects. Overall, I really enjoyed this film interpretation of Dracula by Bram Stoker. I would recommend this film to anyone, whether you have read the book or not. Just a slight warning that it is rated at an 18 and so has some graphic scenes….

90+ Issues about ‘Dracula’ to Write a Killer Essay or dissertation

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