Life without water essay

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Long and Short Essay on Importance of Water in English for Children and Students

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Essay on “Water: The Basis of Life”

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Importance of Water Essay

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A World Without Water

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The oceans of the world constitute the biggest deposits of carbon and recently it was found that Arctic melting released nitrous oxides NO2 and sulphur dioxide SO2 , as well. Of course, the absence of vegetation would contribute to the problem since plants would not be around to convert carbon dioxide CO2 into oxygen , thus exacerbating the situation.

Perhaps surprisingly, however, volcanic activity would decrease in the face of a water dearth. Volcanos, supervolcanos and their eruptions are actually caused by tectonic plates colliding with each other and running over one another — something which is generally caused by the weight of oceans pushing one plate beneath another.

Of course, such a process would take millennia to occur, but the end result would be a desert-like, barren globe populated by spiky ridges and gulfing chasms. Instead, extremophiles harvest their nutrients from carbon monoxide CO , meaning they can thrive even in sizzlingly hot or acidic environments, without water or sunlight. So while humanity and the animal kingdom would most certainly snuff it, life would still find a way. Do you like or dislike what you have read?

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Life and Importance of Water Essay

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By applying environmental technology to an industrial setting, their scientists have developed a News section. Accurate monitoring of wastewater treatment effluent How Could Pollen Clean Water? Gas Detection Gas Detection Ultra-compact electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor.

Life without water

Simple solutions for flammable refrigerant gases Oct 08 Read Silo protection made simple as new system shields ta Environmental intelligence has just got smarter Jul 19 Read Air sampling pump wins new product of the year award Sep 25 Read New software enables reliable and instant noise expo How to Breed Eco-Friendly Sheep. Why Breastfeeding Is Eco-Friendly. How Much Carbon Is on Earth?