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What these two novels tell us is to lose your innocence forever no matter what happens in society. If there is a word saying what the subject of the book is, that is innocent.

Catcher in the Rye Essay

In a way we are innocent and how can we keep our innocence? And no one can keep their innocence forever. We all lost innocence. Adam and Eve fell from grace and innocence and decided the tone of all our lives. Throughout the book, Holden tried to keep people innocent, and he wanted to stick with it. What he needs to learn and learn through the book process is that no one can keep his or her innocence.

Perhaps the most ironical thing about this novel is that Holden's behavior is far from innocent despite the fact that he loves "innocence of childhood". In fact, he is the opposite. He did this for various reasons. First of all, he has lots of responsibilities. Secondly, he never acclimatized to the crowd, after all he did not get any help against the problem he addressed.

It is no coincidence that he has a remarkable similarity with the author of the novel itself.

Sarringer seems to have a childhood similar to that described by Holden at "catcher of rye". The two men seem to have a certain charm to young children, especially young women.

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D Horton, a security official in the wheat field, hopes to become a rye catcher. Holden wants to grasp the children before the children fall off the cliff and understand how the world is a reality and the world disappoints. He wants to keep children innocent. There are some citations and examples that can be supported by wheat field observers, such as the state of the school, the death of Erie, the anger of Holden against the death of Erie when the children are singing in a park in Radio City. It is a value. When the author writes a document, the author must contact the reader only and wake it up.

He should bring new lives to readers' ideas and ideas and awaken them only. In many novels, the title of the story is more important than most people first thought. It often reveals important information about the story. In the catcher Rye, Holden said that his dream job would be a rye catcher.

The Catcher in the Rye: What to Review about This Book

This is important for this story, as Holden believes that adults try to impair their innocence and how he will save their children. Holden then realized that he could not save his child forever. This book is shown everywhere in the book, especially when Holden brings Phoebe to the carousel.

This shows that Holden wishes to be a catch of rye. Catcher "Rye wheat field" catcher "Rye wheat catcher" is from JD. Seilinger wrote a novel whose author created many satire in the innocent or innocent depravity of the hero Holden Caulfield. Holden clearly believes in protecting the innocence of children in society, but he himself seems to be unable to rely on his own innocence.

Throughout the novel, Holden shows his innocent love and childhood protection. The hero is Holden, a year-old boy who leads the reader through a story depicting the loss of innocence. Holden believes that everyone is innocent, but when they become teenagers they inevitably relax in some way. Holden believes that childhood innocence has been lost. Holden is very worried about this and believes he can stop losing innocence by becoming a "keeper of wheat field". Everyone is born One of the most important themes of the catcher is that Holden lost his innocence.

As the novel progressed, Holden showed an innocent lack and introduction to the "real world". Holden tried to capture his innocence as a basis for his feelings. In the novel there are various symbols and events to discuss the innocence of Holden. One of the most important is gloves belonging to Holden's older brother Allie. This glove reminded Holden of his young achievement and his endless love as a child. When Holden mature and enters puberty, he begins to lose feelings of love.

The fact that he went to boarding school may have caused the loss of this love as he was surrounded soundly Lei Catcher's keeper: a story of the era This novel explores many of the themes that teenagers often feel. Salinger's novel argues Holden's position against falsehood. Loneliness is also expressed in novels.

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If you feel they are alienated, all teenagers will go through a period Throughout the novel, Holden struggled with many young innocent children to see the world from various angles. He naturally worries about all future generations that grow someday like him, losing their innocence. Teenagers and innocence can be seen in the book title, or the whole book. The theme of a literary work becomes the center, it makes it possible to understand the character more deeply by repeated ideas and information. This is the perception of life or mankind, which is often shared with readers.

In "The Catcher in the Rye" there are several themes in the words and actions of the narrator Holden Caulfield. The theme of this novel is to keep it pure, especially for the children.

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As Holden strives to keep himself and other people innocent, this can be seen throughout the novel. Because Holden was stuck with keeping innocence, Holden chose to "drive out security guards" He wants to catch the children playing in the black wheat field and falling off the cliff. The rye field symbolizes the childhood world, the world full of children's play, and the cliff symbolizes adulthood.

Plot summary

As he deals, Holden does not want kids to struggle in their lives. He wants children to leave their children and stay innocent, as they do not want children to fall into a complex and corrupt adult world. In chapter 25, Holden tried to erase the word "You intercourse" written on the wall of elementary school. Holden tried to protect children from reading the curse that is likely to harm their hearts. The red hunting hat is another pure symbol of the novel.

Holden always wears a red hunting hat to protect himself from "hunter" society. Everyone is born The relationship with his family, interest in children, relationship with Jane Gallagher, interest in innocent strangers, and even his watching are relevant. I will look at how Holden uses alienation to protect himself from becoming emotionally attached to others and how death plays a key role in his feelings of loneliness.

One of the most prevalent themes in J. On one hand, he is overwhelmed by the pain that his emptions can cause, but on the other hand when he tries to shut off these emotions he feels numb which can be equally as devastating for him. This results in him moving from one meaningless relationship to another which only serves to increase his loneliness.

Holden uses this alienation from the world around him as a defence mechanism in order to protect himself. He finds interacting with other people confusing and overwhelming, so by alienating himself from people he does not have to face up to this.