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It does seem like more work to write in the voice of discovery while you are still discovering things, and then write again later in the voice of dissemination as you reorganise and display your thinking with the benefit of some hindsight. However, I would caution against trying to anticipate too much.

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A significant part of doing a PhD is the process of doing a piece of research, and learning through missteps, successes and issues like the one discussed here how doing and writing about research feels and looks and sounds. That way, you can go on to do further research, either on your own or with others post-PhD, and you can eventually supervise PhD students yourself.

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Is this right, or not? Do I even still have an argument or a research question? As the saying goes: the only way through it, is through i t. Trying to see the end when you are still in the middle is likely to create more confusion and frustration. So my advice, if you are stuck in a similar spot to my PhD student is this: be where you are.

Verb Tenses

Think and write your way through this patch, and write in whatever tense and voice feels most authentic to you at this point. As you do so, every time you do so, your researcher capacity and voice and ability to add to the conversation through the knowledge you are making grows, and that is what being an academic researcher is about. You are commenting using your WordPress. Previous findings suggest that obesity is genetically influenced Implications or extrapolations may use the present tense or modal verbs.

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The results imply that pollution may be highest in The present tense is often used to refer to generally accepted scientific facts, in any section of the FYP. Modal verbs convey possibility or probability: tentative language may be, might be, should be, would be is often used if you are not sure of a fact or an outcome. The choice of modal verb will vary according to your attitude.

Because every student's FYP is unique, some links below will be more helpful than others, but all include wider stylistic help in writing various kinds of projects. Look at the summary sentence to see if a page may be useful to you. Click here for a short question interactive quiz. This website from the Asian Institute of Technology gives good advice on verb tenses for the different sections of projects, dissertations and theses, together with interactive exercises.

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HTM top Accessed 7 February This website gives a comprehensive set of interactive exercises to check your verb tense usage. Using past and present tenses in research writing.

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Answered by Kayode Are on 22 Feb, Answered by Betty Kwaw on 28 Mar, This content belongs to the Manuscript Writing Stage. Confirm that you would also like to sign up for free personalized email coaching for this stage. Q: Which tense should be used in the results and discussion section of a paper?

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