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Admissions officers know you need to sleep, and they also know that most clubs meet on average of one hour per week.


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The ApplyTexas Application: Everything You Need to Know

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This means that it is an activity you committed to for a significant period of time at least a year , and one in which you believe you grew as a student, athlete, teammate, etc. Colleges like seeing this. Admissions officers want to see that you are passionate about a few interests and has dedicated significant time and effort to developing them.

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The Common App has space for students to list ten activities, but you should not feel obligated to fill out all ten. Over the four years of high school, many students are involved in a wide variety of activities, so remembering all the details can be difficult.

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Before attempting to write about all of these experiences, it can be helpful to spend time reflecting on what you have learned from these activities and how they have helped you develop. You can start by brainstorming a list of activities. The next step is to rank these activities in order of importance. This will help you prepare to write introspectively about extracurricular activities on college applications. Usually, students are limited to writing only about words when describing an extracurricular activity. Use the first few sentences to describe the activity you will be discussing, how long you participated in the activity, and your role ex.

How to Briefly Elaborate Extracurriculars in the Common App Activities Section (Examples Included!)

This will give your readers a frame of reference for when you describe the importance of this experience. When you begin polishing the list and transferring it to college applications, you should be as specific as possible.

Mastering the Activities Section of the Common Application

On the Common App, for example, you will have only characters per activity description. You should also keep the focus on the particular role in each activity.

Admissions officers do not want to see a general description of what the club does or how many games the soccer team won. Played varsity soccer for 4 years. Served as captain for 2 years. Led stretches and drills at the start of each practice. If you write about how an extracurricular activity has shaped you, think of specific examples to illustrate this point. Space is limited on college applications, but using specific details instead of wordy, general sentences can help you make the best use of the space given.

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  • When writing about your extracurricular participation, it is most important for you to consider how you have been changed by your experience. This, of course, is not an exhaustive list of ideas. Keep reading more Common App admissions essays — you can't be too prepared!

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