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The club has positioned itself at the upmarket premier end of the market and, as a result, it tends to charge premium prices as evidenced by the high cost of a season ticket to watch home league games. Perform a general account analysis of Manchester United. Observe whether there is a balance between debt and working capital?

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Manchester United Finance. Global support and tributes followed this disaster as Busby galvanized the team around such popular players as George Best, Bobby Charlton and Denis Law.

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Rebuilding of the club culminated with a victory in the European Cup final, becoming the first English club to win this title. In , our club appointed Sir Alex Ferguson as manager. In , we won the FA Cup and began a period of success that has continued until the present day.

Since , we have won the Premier League 13 times. Following this departure, Ryan Giggs assumed responsibility for the first team as interim manager.

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On 19 May , we announced Louis van Gaal as the new team manager of Manchester United under a three-year contract. On 27 May , we announced Jose Mourinho as the new team manager of Manchester United on a three-year contract. Mourinho has managed at the top level of European football since and, in that time, he has won 25 trophies in four countries including two Champions League titles, three Premier League titles, two Serie A titles, one Europa League title, one La Liga title and two Portuguese league titles.

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