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Then, sandwiched between these, comes the essay's main body. Before thinking about the paragraph sandwich or even beginning to write their essay, the writer needs to organize themselves. This means reading back over the given task a number of times and marking out or underlining any important terms or words that indicate what are expected of the writer.

Look carefully at the verbs in the instructions e. You need to be absolutely sure you do exactly what is asked of you and don't just answer parts of the question. Answer all of it!

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As a student, you are entitled to write a diversity of papers. Quite often, your teacher will provide you with a topic and detailed writing instructions. Many students are afraid of writing. Many others have doubts as to whether they can produce a superior 5 paragraph essay. Now you can use our comprehensive guide to improve the quality of your writing. The first hamburger paragraph in this type of essay is the introduction, which is hugely important.

Of course, you need to start with a 5 paragraph essay outline. However, before you can create an outline, your task is to determine the type of your paper. You should know that any essay can be of different types, from compare and contrast works to descriptive, analytical, or even opinion works. If you know the type of the essay you are expected to write, you will have better chances to meet your paper requirements. Also, it will be easier for you to select the most suitable topic, if it was not provided by your instructor.

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In your outline, do not forget to include a strong thesis statement. It will guide the process of writing.

Most likely, your 5 paragraph essay will be a part of a standardized semester-wide test. You will need to answer multiple-choice questions. Then, you will have to produce a short 5 paragraph paper related to your subject. Thus, to successfully complete your test, you will need to know how to write a 5 paragraph essay. Your paper should not exceed words. It should be properly structured. Make sure that it has a well-developed introduction and a concise conclusion. In your introduction, you must provide your reader with some background information. Your reader must develop a good understanding of what they will read in your paper.

Also, you must include an attention getter, so that your readers are interested in reading your work. For example, the main idea of your essay should be expressed in a single sentence.

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Also, your thesis should be strong and debatable. Finally, include rich evidence to back up your claims. There are three key things that an effective introduction should aim to achieve:. In the 5 paragraph order of writing, the first thing the introduction needs to do is get the reader so interested that they want to keep reading and learning more. This goal can be achieve in one of a number of ways. You could, for instance, begin with a brief anecdote or famous quote. Or you could present your readers with some interesting or surprising statistics or challenge them with a question.

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Continuing with the five paragraph essay graphic organizer format, the second thing an introduction should do is let readers know what the entire essay will cover or discuss. Additionally, in this paragraph, you should include a thesis statement or say how you intend to approach your topic.

A thesis statement is, virtually without exception, one sentence that sets out the essay's key idea.

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So try to ensure this statement is clearly written and stands out in your introductory paragraph. In the third place, the introduction lets readers know how your content is structured.

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After reading this section, your readers should understand how you intend to take them through your chosen topic. The body of your paper must elaborate on the thesis statement. Choose three key points of your topic and use them as topic sentences — one sentence per paragraph. In the first sentence of each body paragraph provide a brief description of the issue you are going to discuss. Then, in the next sentences, expand upon the issue and provide some facts to prove its relevance. You may also want to include the data borrowed from other sources.

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    Pre-Write and Outline What is this question asking? Introduction 1. Columbus Day and why we celebrate 2 sentences 2. Make sure you bring paper. Bring your notes from today!