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Its good for ST, SC and backward class people but from my point of view its not good. We have give equality for all the students in there education level at least. There are may ways to help backward people not only by reservation. We can't say that backward people are poor they also rich and they have the capability to have education to our children now a days, why the government still thinking about reservation for that people I don't no.

But still now its ok. At least after they had to change the reservation particularly in education because youth are still missguided by this. Think from the students, they are the pillar for next generation lets try break this reservation.

Essay : Reservation Policy in India - Does it Need Review ?

India has to change thinking of reservation for backward classes. Let word to be free from reservation and make the people are equal in all the fields. Reservation is a system where some amount of seats is reserved for the lower cast people and minority people. So there is no point of having the talent or you can say there is no value of our talent. Only the people who belong from the lower category are getting the advantage.

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But in India, it is not so easy because of lots of political issues involve in this caste system, some political leader is supporting cast system and some are income based reservation system. Reservation is the biggest obstacle in India on way to success. There are some advantages and disadvantages have in this system, few are below. At present the world is very advanced due to internet, after years technology can change the world in many ways. We are very much depended on technology which is changing day by day.

Today internet places the key role in all application without internet we cannot imaging the world. Due to advancement in technology there are both advantages and disadvantages. It completely depends on the particular individual. All the infrastructural facilities which we are using in our daily life will completely changes.

The education system which we follow will not similar after days. The relationships between the people will change. Mostly the world will we under huge advanced. They are few problems due to advancement in the technology.

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Nuclear weapons, bombs and many other harmful things change cause great loss. People may not find free time to talk advancement in technology leads them to addiction internet usage. The computation spirit in the words increases. Many changes in food habits,clothes and life styles will change in different manner. Medical facilities will change,which may leads to bio wars between the countries. If the war is though medical science then human life will be greatly effected. Reservation in higher education should be banned.

Reservation means there are some seats reserved for poor peoples. But this is not truth. Today , the peoples who are not poor they also making fake certificate of cast and taking money. Due to this reservations many students are not able to get admissions. Those students who are capable and those students who have brain are unable to get admissions just because of this system.

At this time partiality is happening and many schedule cast's peoples are suffering due to this reservation system. Reservation system is also get corrupted. If we are making reservation system so , every people should get benefit of this system. Every person have a right to leave in a equal manner. Every one should get equal opportunity.

Essay Writing Topic : Reservation in Higher Education

Not only in education system but also in every place all people have a right to leave in a equal manner. Because, there will be discrimination between the higher and lower one's. Education system should be free from the reservation where as in other situation it is good. There should be a equality in the education irrespective of their reservation. The main reason for this is the student who is in higher reservation will not a get a seat for further studies.

Reservation based on Caste:

The should be a equality education system. The reservation should be done on the poverty not on the backwardness because the backward people are more wealthier than the higher reservation people. Due, to the reservation in education system the higher categories suffering a lot. Participate in Essay writing. You can participate in Essay writing by clicking on the button below.

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It further says that such executive action or legislative enactment which stands to interfere with various castes found in the presidential list would amount to violative of Article of the Constitution of India. The main part of the judgment was heavily relied upon the principle that once the schedule caste had been notified by the president under Article 1 of the Constitution the same forms the class. Thus the rational from the words of Krishna Iyer is that a homogenous class of persons cannot sub divided further and such would be violative of constitutional mandate. The court applying the Doctrine of Pith and Substance hold that the enactment is not a law in the field of education and state public services.

The constitutional obligation of providing reservation had already been done by the State and further classifying the class is violative of the Constitution. Thus negating the view of the respondents the court hold the view that such micro classification of the class would be against the principles of reasonableness and if a class within a class is created, the same would amount to tinkering with the list.

Such sub-classification would be violative of the Article 14 of the Constitution of India. The Apex court allowed the appeal and the Act, in question, was declared Ultra Virus the Constitution. The court said if the creamy layer is not excluded among the backward classes then the benefit of reservation will not reach the really backward classes among the backward class i. Now it is to be noted that in the instant case the court permit the sub-classification of the class on the ground that the real backward citizens should not be deprived of the reservation facility.

This point will be dealt by the author in the chapter of critical appraisal of the case of Chainnaiah. Both postulates that the like should be treated alike. It should be noted that there are some ethnic and racial minority group in the United States of America. The equality clause of the American Constitution does not regard any benefit solely on the ground of race.

Lee Bollinger is important for the comparison of the Indian and the US position with relation to the reservation policy. In the instant case the every applicant from an underrepresented racial or ethnic minority groups was to be automatically awarded 20 points out of points needed to guarantee admission. The same provision was struck down as violative of Equality clause.

To avoid conflict with the equal protection clause, a classification that denies a benefit causes harm, or imposes a burden must not be based on race. In that sense, the Constitution is color blind.

Explained: Reservation System in India I Current Affairs I UPSC/IAS I Articles 14,15 & 16

But the Constitution is colour conscious to prevent discrimination being perpetuated and to undo the effects of past discrimination. Now if in the class there are certain individual who are less backward than some other sections of the society then it is but natural that the same class does not remain a homogenous class and further classification of the same class would be in affirmation with the equality clause rather been violative of it.

The reasoning given by the Court in the case of Chainnaiah that the Sawhney bench lays down that the classification of the OBC would not be applicable to the schedule caste does not hold any rational behind it. As, in the opinion of the author, the further classification of the schedule caste would suffice to the cause of reservation and the benefit of reservation would had its effect in the truest sense.

Thus if so the case is then the class does not remain a homogeneous class. It is rather more political than that constitutional. Chainnaiah versus State of Andhra Pradesh is unique in itself. The critical evaluators may say that it does not portray the ground reality of the Indian reservation system. It contemplates that as the State Government by enacting the law, which tinker with the presidential list, had encroached upon that part of legislation which he does not have the power to enact. The Court lay down that the Act does not provide for the reservation to the schedule caste, only it re distribute it by sub classifying the caste which is already held to be a class by it.

The diversion of the Court in the case of Chainnaiah had attracts for its criticism. Chainnaiah versus State of Andhra Pradesh leaves a negative impact on the mind of readers, when the same is been discussed in the light of the judgement of Indira Sawhney Versus Union of India. The introduction of the upcoming SQE Solicitors Qualifying Examination will almost certainly impact on anyone entering the profession in the next few years and may even shake up the current academic landscape for entry into the profession.

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