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While these professionals may not be performing tests on your samples, most have had training and experience in the technical aspects of the laboratory, and are an important element in ensuring that the laboratory runs efficiently. The director of a clinical laboratory is usually a board-certified medical doctor, PhD scientist, or in some cases, a medical laboratory scientist.

Many are pathologists , physicians who specialize in the science of identifying the nature and cause of disease and who are specially trained to interpret biopsy results, Pap tests , and other cytologic samples. If the laboratory director is not a pathologist, a consulting pathologist may be retained to provide services that require their expertise, including interpreting test results. Regardless of the qualifications of the director, CLIA states that the director is responsible for managing overall operations within the laboratory, including maintaining the standards of agencies that inspect and accredit the lab and ensuring that all technical, clinical, and administrative functions of the lab are performed.

They are specially trained to interpret biopsy results, Pap tests, and other biological samples. A laboratory may employ one or more pathologists depending on the requirements of the lab. Clinical laboratories may also have technical or general supervisors, although the position title may be different in certain organizational structures. The lab director may serve as the technical supervisor as well.

A general supervisor, sometimes referred to as the laboratory manager, may have the same qualifications as the technical supervisor, but an individual with a bachelor's or associate's degree in the sciences and appropriate experience may qualify as well. A general supervisor is responsible for oversight of the day-to-day laboratory operations as well as the personnel conducting the tests and reporting results. They may examine blood or body fluid specimens under the microscope for bacteria , parasites , fungus , or cells that might indicate cancer or other diseases.

They perform quality control checks, evaluate new instruments, and implement new test procedures.

MLTs will use microscopes as well as other laboratory instrumentation and techniques to perform tests. Usually, PBTs have completed high school and have received phlebotomy training, either through a program or on the job experience. Some may be certified.

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Pathologists' assistants are usually responsible for the gross examination and dissection of tissue samples sent to the anatomic pathology lab and may perform or assist pathologists with autopsies the postmortem examination of a body. They prepare tissue that will be tested for specific abnormalities PAs may also supervise others in the anatomic pathology lab.

Cytogenetics is a subspecialty that examines blood and tissue specimens, specifically looking for any chromosomal abnormalities.

Clinical cytogeneticists are usually MDs or PhDs who have been certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics and work closely with genetic counselors. They prepare biological specimens for genetic studies and perform cell culture and microscopic analyses as part of cytogenetic studies. They may assist in performing fine needle aspirations using a needle to remove cells from a cyst, an enlarged lymph node, or abnormal tissue masses or fluids and examine the sample removed during the procedure for abnormal cells.

They assist pathologists in making a diagnosis.

Usually, CTs have a bachelor degree and have completed an accredited CT program. Also known as histotechs, work in the pathology lab and are trained in the preparation of tissue samples used to diagnose disease. They help the pathologist to analyze small sections of body tissue that have been removed from a patient. The tissue sample undergoes special preparation before being examined under a microscope to look for evidence of disease, such as cancer. HTLs perform more complex procedures than histologic technicians HTs; see below and may supervise their work.

They usually have a bachelor degree and have completed an accredited HTL program. Histologic technicians perform routine specimen preparation, a task that usually involves slicing thin pieces of human tissue and mounting them on glass slides for examination under the microscope by the pathologist.

Usually, HTs have completed high school and an accredited histology program. Each laboratory must have on staff a sufficient number of personnel who meet the qualification requirements to perform the functions needed for the volume and complexity of testing performed at that lab. For this reason, the make-up of each lab differs in terms of the number and type of personnel that are on staff. Other people who might work in the laboratory include assistants, students in training, medical residents, pathology residents, and research fellows. However, the people holding the positions described above are the key people who will be handling your sample, performing the tests, and ensuring that the results they provide to your doctor are accurate, reliable, and timely.

You may never meet them, but they are a crucial part of the health care team that cares for your health. The following table summarizes the key positions in the lab, the education required for the position, and the standard responsibilities of the position. The specific name for many of these positions varies by location. Clinical scientists accounted for , jobs in About half of these jobs were in hospitals; the remainder were in clinics, doctor's offices, blood banks, and independent clinical, forensic, and research laboratories, or with the government such as the Public Health Service.

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